As an ex Royal Marines Commando I know how to push myself to the limit and get people to go further than they can go themselves. With over ten years experience and countless client success stories I will help you achieve your goal. I have a passion for all types of exercise and fitness and that is shown when I train people. I think my passion for training is infectious and I try to make it as enjoyable as possible. I want my clients to get results and much as them.


I have been on my own jornery through fitness to achieve the body I wanted so I really feel I can relate to my clients. I started as a runner and cyclist and came to weights later in my life. I believe a balance is key to great body. Training with me you will get your goals in a safe controlled way.


I have always had a passion for exercise and have gone through different fitness types over the years. I know how difficult it is to have a family and kids and to find time to achieve a great body. With having two kids of my own I have done this twice so can relate and know it is possible to be a mum and be lean. Training is tough but the results are worth it. Age or time won’t stop you achieving your goal.


My passion for all things active stems from a lifetime of being involved in many different facets of fitness and performance. Dancing, Spinning & Metafit combined with good quality resistance training have been ongoing passions throughout my career. I believe that every client has a truly unique lifestyle. To gain the best results possible, every constituent part of that unique routine must require attention, assessment and changed over time.  My experience coupled with continued learning on how to create the best results in body composition for each clients unique lifestyle and circumstance makes me confident that I can collaborate with you to achieve a fantastic result.


I have been a professional ice hockey and boxing trainer for years. I have played for many teams over the world and currently play for Manchester Storm. I know how to get anyone to lose weight, build muscle and eat well. You will get results with me.